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Useful References

Important concepts

Github & Github pages

Github is a popular “Version Control System” used by engineers around the world to manage large scale projects. Github pages is a feature provided by Github that allows users to create static websites without having to set up any servers.

Markdown formatting

All documents on OpenDoc are stored in a non-proprietary format called Markdown.

Markdown is a simple text-based markup language and conversion tool that allows writers to create great content for the web without having to worry too much about writing code. The syntax of the language is designed to be easy to learn and intuitive.

Markdown flavours

Markdown comes in different flavours to fit the needs of each use case.

For OpenDoc, we are making use of the “insert-markdown-flavour-name” flavour, plus some additional customised styles to simulate features found in typical document processing applications. The custom styles will be defined in this document, and will be accompanied with samples to make it easier to start your OpenDoc document.

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